So, why the name change?

Simply put, we want to send a more direct message about who we are and what we do.

The “Serve” is all about the thousands of volunteers—all ages, all kinds (individuals, families, groups), who serve in hundreds of nonprofit programs and agencies, like schools, libraries, hospitals, senior centers, long-term care facilities, churches, food pantries, home delivered meals, and many, MANY more.

The “YES!” is upbeat and positive. When you do good, you feel good, you are good, and you smile—like our mascot! It’s an attitude. “YES!” is what we hear from most volunteers when asked to serve, and “YES!” is truly what gets things done for our communities.

We also want you to “volunteer YOUR way”— where you want, when you want, and with whom you want—all to make your community a better place to be.

ServeYES! encourages individuals of all ages to become do-gooders by doing good things in your communities.  While the mission of ServeYES! is to encourage you to volunteer your time, we also encourage you to do good in your community in any way you can. Even if it is as simple as smiling and saying hi to the individuals you pass on the street.

Do good by volunteering your time with one of over 600 non-profit, government, and proprietary health-care organizations.  In turn, the organizations you help are able to do more good in communities, families, and neighborhoods throughout North Dakota and Clay County in Minnesota. Do good by donating money to ServeYES!  Every dollar donated allows us to continue doing good by matching volunteers with skills to organizations with a need for volunteer assistance.  Donations can be earmarked for a specific ServeYES! regional office or even for a specific program offered through ServeYES! ServeYES! is a federally and locally funded program that uses donations to fill gaps in funding, and to grow our capacity to engage more volunteers.

ServeYES! supported 7,202 volunteers of all ages who served 486,307 hours helping their communities in 2012-2013.

At the heart of all ServeYES! activity is our volunteers. They are supported by a team of ServeYES! staff, the VISTAs assigned to them, Advisory Council members, and partner organizations who work every day to make a difference in the lives of our communities, our programs, our volunteers, and the clients they serve. New programs are developed to recruit, retain, and recognize our volunteer force. These innovative programs serve as ways in which we develop a volunteer’s skills, give volunteers new opportunities for leadership and service, and deepen a volunteer’s commitment to strengthening their communities, families, and neighborhoods. None of these activities would be possible without highly dedicated people in key roles, visionary strategic planning, or support from our many stakeholders. ServeYES! is grateful to the volunteers for everything they have done and continue to do to better our communities.  Thank you to all ServeYES! volunteers for your hard work and the generosity of your time and talents. You have truly made a significant and tangible difference in North Dakota’s communities.